Manage employee performance and complete appraisals in minutes

Feature Overview

Appraisal Period

Setup multiple appraisal periods within a year and view the appraisal data across your organization by individual periods.


Slice and dice your employee performance information or view aggregate information across multiple departments, subsidiaries and location.

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Performance Ratings

Setup different performance ratings with different weightings and apply them differently across different appraisal cycle.

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Flexible Appraisal Workflow

Flexible appraisal workflow allows us to customize the solution to fit your existing workflow process

Objective Feedback

Allow team member(TM) and manager to provide feedbacks an collaborate on TM's goals before apprasial

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Generate top and bottom performaner, Plan for development for your entire work force and many more reports

16K Appraisals
143K Objectives
160K Objective feedbacks

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