Run your payroll in minutes. Our payroll system involves everything that has to do with the settlement of employee emoluments.

Feature Overview

Allowance & Deductions

Setup multiple allowance/deductions and customize to suite your need. Option for proration and taxes are also available

Bank Schedule

Easily generate bank schedule for payment of employees, governments agencies (PAYE), Pension Fund Administrator, NHF etc

Payroll Varaince

Save time and avoid errors. Our payroll system allow you to view payroll records of current and previous transactions to aviod erros

Loan management

Automated loan application system which involves approval and direct deduction during payroll each month

Employee Self-Service

Allow employees to easily have access to their salary slip, and apply for loan. No need to disturb the HR department.


Our Payroll reports provide a high-level overview of your budget, taxes, workers compensation and other payroll data.

1B Payroll Value processed

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