Built for your Hiring Success

Officelime Recruitment is all you need to attract, source, and hire top talent at every stage of your company growth in a timely and secure fashon.

Feature Overview

Hiring rights & roles

Manage which user can see or what they can do. With Officelime, User permissions allow individuals to access only the account settings and candidate data they need to work on.

Email/SMS Scheduling

You can easily schedule applicant for any of the recruitment process and be sure that they will recieve a mail/SMS invite for their appointment.

Sourcing Candidates

Get proactive in your pursuit of top talent. Search over 95K resumes to fill your sourcing needs.

Team Collaboration

Recruiting is a team work. Get your entire team involved early and make collaborative hiring decisions in real-time.

Career Portal

Our career portal which will be branded to your company, makes it easy for applicants to apply to published vacancies.


Get actionable insight into every facet of your recruiting process so you can improve your process and make better, more informed hiring decisions in less time.

95K Applicants
356 Vacancies

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