Things HR do to help you succeed

by Obibine Rosemary
05 February 2020

Human Resource may not be specialised in your job, they specialise in helping with careers and employee’s success in all areas of performance and they are there to help

You know your HR Department as the people who employed you, the people who gave you forms to fill out, you know them as the people who might fire you for performing low or slacking back in your job description or who might just sack because the business simply needs a change.
As such, many staff feel that avoiding HR is the best path to success.

But, did you know that your HR can help employees who needs career development, your HR can even help with so much that you can ever imagine. Your HR department exists as more that the policing, systematizing arm of management you may have ever considered in the past.

An HR may not be specialised in your job, they specialise in helping with careers and employee's success in all areas of performance and they are there to help If you ever care to consider that your HR might be of help, below are some reasons HR can help employee succeed:

Career Management

I know you think that HR is focused on helping the business succeed, That's true. But the business won’t succeed if there aren’t good employees, and employee want to move forward in their careers. Your HR can help identify and map out the path to your ultimate goal. For instance, if you want to become a CFO, he/she can help point out areas where you are strong and weak therefore, helping you identify your career path

Managing Your Manger

Not every Manager is awesome, and not every manager is awesome for an employee, instead of complaining about your manager, you can just ask your HR what you do to make your relationship with your manager better: Note your HR Manager may know the success secret of all employee

Continuing Your Education

Does your company offer tuition reimbursement? If you don't know the answer to that question, head to HR and ask. Many companies and organizations offer this perk—especially if the degree or certification you're seeking is something to help the company directly.
If you're an accountant, asking the company to pay for your master's degree in Art History probably won't fly except at companies that provide assistance for any college coursework.
But, if you want to ask for tuition assistance for review classes for your CPA, there's a good chance your employer will make money available. If you're not in need of a new degree, but want to improve skills, ask about certification classes or even MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that can help you fill your knowledge gaps.

Changing a Performance Rating

Was your last performance appraisal accurate? Now, most of the time, HR is going to side with your manager—your manager sees your day to day work and HR oversees numerous employees. But, if you feel there was a genuine mistake in your rating, talk to HR.
Your HR manager will look over your review and compare it with your peers' reviews and your prior reviews. If the HR person feels you have a case, they will talk with your manager.

Personal Problems

HR managers are not therapists, priests, or lawyers, so don't expect free therapy or confidential advice from them. (Although, do ask to keep things confidential if it's important to you. Your HR manager should say, “I can't keep this confidential” if they can't. if you complain that your boss is sexually harassing you, your HR manager is required by law to investigate, for example.)
But, if you're struggling in your marriage or drowning in a sea of debt, your HR manager can help direct you towards an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). If your ex-boyfriend is stalking you, he or she can help notify security and reception to keep an eye out for him and to help make a plan to keep you safe.

Resume Help

This may seem counter-intuitive: Your HR department doesn't want you to leave and leaving is the only reason why you might need your resume up to date, right? Wrong. If you're applying for membership in a professional society, looking at an internal promotion, or want to be accepted to graduate school your resume is a helpful tool.
Additionally, if you are laid off, sometimes your former HR department will provide help with your resume. Ask. The worst your HR manager will say is no.

While HR will always have paperwork for you to fill out, don't forget that they are there to help the company succeed. That means that HR knows that the individual employees also need to succeed. Have a chat and see if they can help you help your career soar

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