Who is Customer Service Representative?

by Ibukun Fayokemi
06 March 2020

No matter if you're an amateur or a seasoned professional, there's always more to learn about customer service. Business leaders continue to come up with new literature, training, and studies that improve and refine the customer service industry.

Customer service representatives help businesses develop strong relationships with their clients and customers. Representatives answer customer questions, help resolve problems, process refunds and make suggestions regarding the purchase of additional products and services.

Customer service representatives deal with customers constantly, providing them with information regarding products and services, and making sure they are satisfied. This is crucial to the continuous growth of your company

Customer service representatives work directly with customers and clients of all kinds of businesses. As the job title suggests, these workers represent their employer in dealings with customers and clients. Typical job responsibilities include

Take ownership of customer issues

Customer service reps must take ownership of the customer's problem and be the single point of contact for all inquiries related to the troubleshooting procedure, the expected resolution time, and updates on the progress made.

Troubleshoot problems and see them through to resolution

A service rep needs to follow a customer-first attitude and leave no stone unturned in giving customers the best possible experience. Once a support ticket is assigned to them, they need to research all possible ways to troubleshoot the problem and quickly come up with a solution.

Escalate unresolved issues to the appropriate internal teams

A lot of times in customer support, some issues are highly technical or beyond the scope of what a service rep can handle on the spot. For such cases, the support agent needs to make sure that the problem is being communicated to the right internal teams and that they take appropriate action to resolve it.

Collect prompt and accurate feedback from customers

The work of a support rep does not end at just resolving a customer issue. They also need to follow up with the customer, find out if the solution worked, and take note of the customer's suggestions on what can potentially improve their experience.

Document knowledge in the form of solution articles

The solution to every customer problem provides a valuable learning experience to service reps. They should be able to document this knowledge in the form of help content or solution articles so that the same problems don't occur in the future..

Master the use of a helpdesk software

All of the above tasks can be made easier if your company is using a dedicated customer support software. Your support agents should be able to quickly pick up the functionalities of the helpdesk and resolve customer problems in a more streamlined manner.

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