Doing Performance Management System during Lockdown

by Ibukun Fayokemi
03 April 2020

The trend of working remotely is experiencing a major boost as businesses are deploying this means since the issue of Corona Virus Pandemic which requires social distancing and being indoor therefore requires employee working remotely.

Due to this, businesses and companies are deploying and shifting to digital channels. To say HR leaders are taxed right now is an understatement. Organizations are depending on their HR teams to help plan for business continuity, communicate policy and calm anxiety for their people during a very stressful time without a clear end in sight

While continuity planning is not new, this particular environment and the considerations needed for this specific pandemic are fluid. With COVID-19, even the most seasoned of HR leaders find themselves in uncharted territory, However, like earlier said above, HR might plan the business continuity, communicate policy and calm anxiety for their people during a very stressful time without knowing how to manage employee’s performance from home. How do one know if my employee is performing or Carrying his/her task? This are some of the question that might be running through his mind.

Officelime Performance Management System is a software application used for capturing employee’s data, reviewing appraisal and mark performance against stated objectives. This software communicates the organizational goal to the employees individually, allot individual accountability towards that goal and tracking of the progress in the achievement of the goals assigned and evaluating their individual performance. It includes activities such as joint goal setting, frequent communications, continuous progress review, feedback of the performance and rewarding the achievements. This tool helps the managers to manage their resources and eventually result in the success of the organization

Officelime PMS helps you track all the standard employee information, including addresses, phone numbers, dependents, emergency contacts, salary and position history, and even notes.

Benefits of Officelime PMS

  1. Performance based conversation - This enables the managers to give information about the performance of the employees individually using Officelime software. They may help the employees in case he is not performing well, he can see it on his page stating the obvious on the other hand appreciate him in case he does good work, hence, making workers be more productive even thou working remotely
  2. Officelime Performance management system can also help to identify the employee development opportunities, which could be the crucial part of the succession planning process.
  3. Its records information of the employee’s productivity level therefore recording on it dashboard and those who have good performers can easily be identified.
  4. The underperformed employee can be identified and given query or helped improving his performance with various training and development programs.
  5. Employees themselves can gauge their performance and work upon them accordingly.

All these show the how Officelime performance management system can boost the productivity and output of a company working remotely

Components of Officelime PMS

PMS helps in ensuring high quality, efficiency, good productivity and constant monitoring of performances, A typical pms has the following components:

  1. Establishing Performance Standards
    • Identifying the relevant standards
    • Selecting the indicators
    • Specifying the goals and targets
    • Communicating the expectations
  2. Performance Measurement
    • Refining the existing indicators and define the measures
    • Developing data systems
    • Collecting data
    • Uploading the report of either daily or weekly job done hence giving access to superior who need to review it
  3. Quality Improvement Process
    • Decision making using the data reports, and improve policies, and outcomes.
  4. Quality Improvement Process
    • Analysing the data
    • Provide feedback to the staff, managers, and necessary employee using the online performance Management.
    • To establish a proper and regular reporting cycle

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