Performance Appraisal

Our performance appraisal system provides an avenue for regular review of your employees' job performance and overall contribution to your company.

Track Performance with accurate metrics.

Analyze the performance and growth opportunities of your employees with our
appraisal system.

Thorough performance reviews

Assessing an employee's skills is dependent on numerous critical areas of information, such as achieved objectives and competencies; the system effectively tracks all of this for results.

Get insights into each employee's performance. Our performance appraisal system helps in setting up & tracking goals and rating job performance.

Objective Traning Throuogh Feedbacks

Collaborate in real time on predefined goals to provide for immediate feedback from line managers to team members and Vis-à-vis

Allow for an unlimited number of document uploads in order to adequately capture your feedback.


Works with all type of Appraisal

You can easily customize Officelime to operate the way you want it to, and easily develop your own sort of evaluation process that is unique to your business, that is totally different form the standards which we already support.

Straight ranking appraisals
Appraisal by Grading
Management by objective
Balanced score card
Behaviour-based Appraisal
360-degree appraisals
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