Career Management

Our tool aids in career planning, professional growth, and ensuring employees follow their career path.

Designed with employee's in mind.

Business owners who want their employees to be dedicated, engaged, and motivated at work must offer them the tools and resources they need to advance their careers inside the firm. - Officelime takes care of that for you.


Career Pathing

Employees can select between vertical and horizontal career advancement based on their preferences.


Succession Planning

Use the current data your have on your employee to easily plan for succession across the company


Competency Library

Employees can browse through competencies, company wide to look up what is required for a job role


Training Evaluation

Allow employee, managers to provide training evaluation report on each training attended

Career Development

We help your employees
get to where they want to be.

With our Career Management System, your employees performance and growth become your priority.

Need help in making a career impact in your organization?
Officelime is here to lend a helping hand.

Grooming future leaders.
Improving engagement.
Attracting good employees.
Improving performance.
... ...
... ...
Benefits of Our Career Management System
It promotes an open and better communication within the organization.
It helps employees establish very challenging yet absolutely realistic goals.
It helps employees come up with smart career decisions.
It helps organizations to captivate and retain excellent employees.

Our customers are our biggest fans.

"The Career Management System has helped our organization focus on key areas including areas we did not recognise needed attention. We cannot underestimate how critical this would be for the future of our organization and employees in the long run."

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