Leave Management

Officelime provides you the opportunity to easily track employee vacations and other leave types.

Tracking sick leaves and vacations can be a hassle. Officelime is designed to set you free from complicated time planning and spreadsheets.



This gives the employees, managers and the HR a view of how resources will be utilized within a period.

Flexible Workflow

Implementation of Leave approval flow, employee to Manager, to reviewing manager and finally the HR.

Easy and Accessible


Does your company policy support leave balance carry over? Not to worry, we do too.

Self Service

An easy self service interface to check leave balances and status of applied leaves.

Integration and Security

Payroll Integration

The leave system is integrated into our payroll solution, payment of leave allowance is captured on the payroll.

Secure and Scalable

Our solution is secure and able to increase or reduce its performance according to the organization's needs.


Start structuring your business.

Visualize usuing our solution in planning employee leaves efficiently.

Apply for time-off, vacations and remote work.

Approve or reject employee's absence and timesheet requests

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Our customers are our biggest fans.

"Officelime Leave Management Sytem is the best platform for managing your leave process. It is extremely easy to use and offers a comprehensive user interface for continuous leave management."

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