People Management

Plan and expand your business with ease. Officelime provides you with a bird's-eye view of your organization.

Designed with small business owners in mind.

Our system helps in managing all kinds of activities and processes affiliated with an organization's hired talent. The system effectively manages your workforce while also empowering them with growth and development opportunities.

Start by structuring your business.


Visualize your employee structure using job role based organogram, reporting line organogram and departmental organogram to help employees identify team leaders in the organization.

Set, track, and manage goals

Our software motivates employees in accomplishing goals specific to their role in the organization. It also helps to develop them with the help of constructive feedback.


Employee Life cycle.

The employee process identifies and expresses the various and most important stages that an employee goes through as they interact with the organization.


Assisting workers in comprehending and assimilating your company's culture.

Employee timeline

Keeping employees on board and instructing them on how they can assist the company accomplish its objectives.


A good offboarding process helps you understand where there is room for improvement from the employee's experience.


Memo & Notifications

Broadcast information across the firm or to a small set of employees, collaborate and share notes.
Employees' birthdays and corporate anniversaries should be celebrated. officelime automatically handles this for you!
Did not get that notification, officelime has its own inbuilt notification system, that stores all task that requires your action

Our customers are our biggest fans.

"Our firm has benefited from the Officelime People Management System since it has helped us develop a better working environment for our staff and provided them a safe space to thrive."

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