Recruitment Management

Equips your sourcing team with the system that can manage your recruitment process, from start to finish.

Streamline your entire recruiting process and reduce routine tasks like scheduling interviews by automating your hiring process and overall recruitment with Officelime.

Publicising vacancies

Hiring privileges

Employees can request for positions to be filled in vacant positions.

External advertising

For vacancies not restricted to internal-only advertising, officelime helps to ensure the strongest possible field of candidates.

Job Portal

Career Portal

Our career portal which will be branded to your company makes it easy for applicants to apply to published vacancies.

Applicants Finder

Get proactive in your pursuit of top talent. Search resumes to fill your vacancy needs.

Sourcing Candidates

Team Collaboration

Recruiting is a team work. Get your entire team involved early and make collaborative hiring decisions in real-time.

Email/SMS Scheduling

You can schedule applicants for any recruitment process and be sure that they recieve a mail/SMS invite for their interview.

Benefits of Our Recruitment Management System

It improves recruitment productivity.

It accepts tailored hiring and improves the quality of hires.

It maintains quick response time and communicate seamlessly with both HR and potential candidates.

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Our customers are our biggest fans.

"The Recruitment Management System is a life changer!
The amount of time it saves you to find the perfect employee is unbelievable. It is very organized and has an extremely efficient follow up system."

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