Asset Management

Manage your entire asset lifecycle from asset tracking to disposals

Designed to track, maintain and streamline your entire asset's life cycle.

Switch from Excels and Spreadsheets to a Cloud-Based Asset Management Software


Asset Information

Capture all asset information, such as warranties, brand, model, and serial numbers, attach files and keep track of purchase and financial data.


Asset Disposal

Discard assets for the right reasons, such as written off, sold, scrapped or any reasons. Automatically creates a PDF with approval protocols.


Asset Tracking

In a single click, check-out and check-in assets, create delivery notes or sign-off PDFs. Send users notifications when assets are assigned or retrieved.


Spares & Consumables

Manage all your spares and consumables, with their connections to locations, assets, and users. Set up re-order levels to receive notifications.

Eliminate manual processes and boost productivity.

Every feature is distinct, and they all contribute to enhancing productivity as we offer features based on our customers demand and taste.

Customization at ease

Asset categorization

Instant calculation of yearly or monthly depreciations

... ...

"We have been working with Officelime since September 2010. They build a very thorough and professional asset management system. They consistently provide timely, accurate and relevant features to users and interested parties."

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