Officelime contains tools that automate pricing analytics to help organizations make efficient and effective pricing decisions.

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You will get access to our scalable cloud infrastructure, which includes hosting, incremental daily backups on two continents, email integration, top-tier security, 24/7 monitoring, and a control center to manage your Officelime environment.
Your Officelime instance is upgraded on demand so that you may take advantage of new features whenever you choose. You may contact us by email. Our support staff are accessible in English from Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

An employee or a supplier who has or will have access to Officelime in create and/or edit mode is referred to as a user. External users (such as clients, applicants, or suppliers who utilize the portal) are not included in the user count. As an example:
  • A user is an employee who reports their spending or timesheet.
  • A third-party candidate who uses Officelime to apply for a position utilizing the recruiting module is not considered a user.
  • Customers and suppliers who have online access to their bills will not be included as users, nor will visitors to the Officelime website.

Some Apps are built on top of others, which means they rely on their parent App to function. The People App, for example, is required for the Leave and Appraisal functions. To enable Leave, you must also choose the People App to inherit its parent functionality.

Of course! Our support team is able to guide you during implementation in order to setup your domain using Officelime based on how you plan to manage your emails using the same domain name.

The maintenance includes support, upgrade and bug fixes. The maintenance of those above standard modules is included in the price of your subscription.
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