Vendor Management

Our Vendor Management System helps companies in managing and procuring contracts or contingent labour that were outsourced.

Cultivate and strengthen vendor relationships.

Ensure a seamless vendor management process with Officelime which guarantees continuous improvements across business units and enhaced regulatory compliance.


Manage Information

This refers to keeping an airtight record of all vendor information, with the help of our automated Officelime application.


Manage Account Details

This helps to add and maintain the banking information of vendors that you do business with.


Manage Registration

Collection of detailed and updated information about active and potential suppliers of goods and services to help manage data.


Licence & Documents

This requires that a vendor will meet the profession and regulatory expectation of your organization in terms of goods and services procurred.

Vendor Management

We help you manage all
vendor related activities in your organization.

With our Vendor Management System, we offer:

Better vendors selection.
Better contract management.
Better organization-to-vendor relationship
... ...
... ...
Benefits of Our Vendor Management System
Easy reuests for RFQ by vendors.
Increase administrative efficiencies.
Effectively reduce supplier risks.
It helps to reduce operational costs.
It helps to improve your vendor onboarding process.

Our customers are our biggest fans.

"The Vendor Management System is a life changer!
It is extremely versatile and very helpful."

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